Optocouplers from ISOCOM Ltd

16Pin Quad Channel Flatpack Ceramic Optocoupler – CSM165 The high gain output stages feature open collector outputs providing both lower output saturation voltage and higher speed of operation than is possible with conventional photo-darlington type coupler. The minimum CTR of 300% at an input current of 0.5 mA makes it ideal for use in low input current applications. Also see : CSM160, CSM161, CSM162, CSM168, CSM169, CSM170

16 pin Dual Channel High Speed Hermetically Sealed Optocoupler
The 4N55 consists of two independent optocouplers in a hermetically sealed ceramic package. Each channel has a light emitting diode and an integrated photon detector. Separate connections for the photodiodes and output transistor collectors improve the speed up to 100 times that of a conventional phototransistor optocoupler by reducing the base collector capacitance.
The 4N55 is suitable for wide bandwidth analogue applications, as well as for interfacing TTL to LSTTL or CMOS. The availability of the base lead allows optimised gain/bandwidth adjustment in analog applications. The shallow depth of the IC photodiode provides better radiation immunity than conventional phototransistor couplers. Surface Mount Option Available.

6 Pin Single Channel Dual In Line Ceramic Optocoupler
The CS200 and CS201 are optically coupled isolators each consisting of a Gallium Arsenide infra-red emitting diode and a Silicon phototransistor packaged in a hermetically sealed 6 pin, ceramic package offering high power dissipation and extended operating temperature range. Surface Mount Option Available.

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